Cats are majestic and beautiful creatures, the picture of gentle and delicate grace...unfortunately to go with these amazing qualities comes a not so good one! They scare easily! I guess people don’t use the term "scaredy cats" for nothing. So how can you keep your little ball of fur calm and collected? We can help you with that!
1. Keep the noise down: Cats do not like loud or sudden noises. Keep the television at a medium volume and keep the yelling to a minimum. Playing low and soothing music is a great way to calm your kitty down. If you are on the go and have your kitty in a carrier, try putting a towel over it to keep the noise muffled.
2. Don’t chase your cat: If your cat is walking away from you or seems disinterested in getting affection, leave him or her alone. Let your cat come to you! Cats usually like being pet on their head and neck, so avoid touching their bottom or tail.
3. Make your house cozy: Cats like high and enclosed spaces, so make sure there are shelves, cat trees, or window sills for your cat to perch on. Cats are comforted by being up high, where they feel less vulnerable.
4. Pick a good litter box spot: Cats feel extremely vulnerable when they use their litter box, so make sure it is in a quiet location where there isn’t too much activity. The box should be in a place where the cat feels the most comfortable.
5. Let them leave their scent: Cats love to rub up on surfaces to leave their scent in places they care about or want to “claim.” Don’t overwash your kitty’s blankets or beds and always give them access to their favorite things. If you are taking your cat to an unfamiliar place, make sure you bring a blanket or towel with your cat’s scent on it to make them feel calm.
6. Try our Calming Chews + Hemp: Our chews calm hyper-active behavior, relieve stress and anxiety, and prevent aggressive behavior with ingredients such as organic chamomile flower, an anti-anxiety herb that is believed to ease restlessness and hypersensitive nature, and valerian root which helps calm stressed, aggressive, and anxious behaviors.
We all want what’s best for our furry friends, so use these tips to keep your cat as cool as a cucumber...which coincidentally enough many cats are afraid of… so maybe not a cucumber..let’s go with carrots. Cool as a carrot. Yep that works.