Dogs are similar to humans in many ways, one being they can face anxiety. Anxiety in dogs could be caused by fear, separation, or even aging. Some symptoms of anxiety in dogs include aggression, urinating in the house, panting, depression, panicking, shaking, excessive barking, damaging/chewing items and restlessness. Nobody wants to see their pup suffer, so here are some helpful tips to assist with your dog's anxiety.




1. Practice counter-conditioning: Counter-conditioning is when you replace your dog’s negative response to the stimuli responsible for anxiety, and replace it with something more favorable such as sitting.


2. Practice desensitization: Slowly introduce your dog to the source of their anxiety in small doses. This could get your dog used to the source and calm their fear. For example, if your dog is afraid of the sound of the vacuum or hair dryer, turn it on for a few seconds and then turn it off. Immediately give your dog attention to create a positive association. Expose your dog little by little to the sound and show them there’s nothing to be afraid of! 


3. Reward positive behavior: When your dog reacts in a favorable way to anxiety inducing stimuli, use a treat as a reward. 


4. Physical contact: When your dog is visibly anxious try cuddling or petting them, similar to the way some humans crave touch when in distress.


5. Massage: Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy a massage! Anxiety can cause your dog’s muscles to tense and a massage can relieve this tension.


6. Music therapy: Music is calming to most humans and the same goes for your dog. Music can drown out scary noises that bother your dog when you aren’t home. Leave the music on when you leave to desensitize your pup. Studies show that classical music, such as the harp, works best for relaxation.


7. Calming coats: Dogs like to feel secure and safe when they are anxious, so a shirt or coat that is designed to put mild and constant pressure on your dog, similar to swaddling a baby. 


8. Supplements: Many supplements, especially those containing hemp (or CBD) can calm your dog’s anxiety. Try our Calm + Comfort chews! Our chews contain organic hemp seed oil as well as organic chamomile flower, valerian root and organic passion flower all which assist in calming and relaxing your dog naturally and safely. 



Nobody wants to see their fur baby suffer, so pick up some of our calming chews to get your pup back to being anxiety-free.