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Vet Recommended


Paw Parent Approved

Calming Treats For
Relieving Stress + Anxiety

My parents have two high strung pups who bark A LOT plus one can become a bit aggressive. These calming chews have been a lifesaver. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!

- Rachel Barnes

  • Combats Stress and Anxiety
  • Prevents Aggressive Habits
  • Calms Hyperactivity
  • Reduces Motion Sickness

My parents have two high strung pups who bark A LOT, plus one can become a bit aggressive. These calming chews have been a lifesaver. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!

- Rachel Barnes

Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Happy Felix + Fetch Families

"My Mila suffered from extreme anxiety, we hated seeing her like that. We tried everything to make her become social. We decided to try the Calm + Comfort Chews at the discounted price. These chews are a miracle!!!"

Tara Gibson

"We never thought Wally would ever calm down since he was extremely hyper, even at 9 yrs old! He still ran around the house ripping up my furniture and barking non-stop when we left the house. We had nothing to lose so we tried it. Wally transformed into an angel! I absolutely LOVE these calming chews!"

Donna Samson

"I decided to send in my review because I have NEVER seen anything that works as well as Felix + Fetch. I thought my dog’s severe anxiety was unfixable. However, after giving him these amazing calming chews for only a couple of days, he became a social butterfly! He is living his best life!"

Mitch Combers

Is Your Pet Suffering From
Anxiety Issues & Aggression?

At Felix + Fetch, the health of your pet always comes first.
Help neutralize the side effects of stress and anxiety in your dog today.


The most common reasons for anxiety in a dog is abandonment, fear of being home alone, loud noises, strangers, children, or abuse.


Top stress indicators are pacing or shaking, whining or barking, shedding, or panting.


Reasons for aggression in dogs are fear, resource guarding, social aggression, protectiveness, and frustration.

Apart from the obvious problems caused by these symptoms, the lack of active living also has a negative impact on other facets of your pet’s health.

  • Low Energy Levels
  • Poor Overall Health
  • Reduced Life Span

Discover The Vet Approved Formula That Helps Your Pet Get Back To Living An Active, Happier Lifestyle Again!

Psst : Don’t forget about the delicious duck flavor which makes it a treat for your pet!

Introducing Felix + Fetch
Treats For Calm + Comfort

These calming chews help reduce your pet's anxiety and hyper-active behaviors while giving them the confidence to live a normal lifestyle. This allows them to partake in daily activities such as fetching, playing with other dogs and being social again.

These natural treats do more than just relieve stress or aggression. Pets remain active, boosting their energy levels and overall life span!

Upgrade to Felix + Fetch Today!

The smarter way to invest in
your pet’s health

  • Mental

    Alleviates Anxiety + Stress

  • Aids


  • All


  • Tasty


The Key Benefits

Made from all-natural ingredients containing a powerful combination of vitamins that work together that may reduce stress and anxiety. Designed for all breeds and sizes!

Reduces Stress

Helps improve your dog’s social behavior.

Suppresses Aggression

Formulated for those dogs who exhibit nervousness, hyperactivity, aggression.

Reduces Hyperactivity

Aids relaxation of hyperactive dogs without drowsiness.

Calms Anxiety

Promotes normal emotional balance to help your pet feel calm and relaxed.

Builds Social Confidence

Decreases social anxiety while building confidence around strangers and other animals.

Supports An Active Lifestyle

Helps your dog stay active, healthy, happy, and enjoying life.

Benefits Beyond Mental Health


More Playtime & Fun
For Your Pet


Supercharge Energy
Levels & Less Fatigue


More Comfort For Your Pets


Improved Life Span &

That Make An Impact

Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Recommended Dosage
For Best Results

The chews can be given as a tasty treat, snack or reward, or crumbled onto their food each day. Please ensure to use the feeding guide provided and do not exceed the stated dose

Up to 25 lbs


Soft Chews

25lbs - 50lbs


Soft Chews

50lbs - 75lbs


Soft Chews

75lbs - 100lbs


Soft Chews



Soft Chews

For Best Results, Use Consistently For At Least 4-6 Weeks Daily* (Best In AM and PM).

Why Choose
Calm + Comfort Chews

  • All Natural

    Contains a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients which work together that may reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Delicious Flavor

    Soft, chewy and duck-flavored so they're easy to give as a tasty snack that your pet won't turn down.

  • Made In USA

    Promoting our products naturally and in the USA was our number one priority. Pet Pawrents can't get enough of these powerful treats!

  • Vet Recommended

    Over 20 different ingredients are jam packed in these calming treats and recommended by vets for a healthy lifestyle.

Real Pets, Real Results

Couldn’t be happier

It really helped to calm down my rescue dog Mila. She gets nervous when I leave the house and even though I have all of the gadgets and gizmos at home to keep her occupied. This was super helpful for her not to be destructive when I am away. We are so grateful F+F!

Carolyn K. | Tucson, AZ

Already Ordered My Next Batch!!!

My parents have two high strung pups who bark A LOT plus one can become a bit aggressive. Calming chews have helped a lot with both of these problems. Big bonus that we can subscribe and save straight to the door

Lisa F. | Atlanta, GA

Love these so much!

Quick easy transaction! Chews work really well to calm my hyper-psycho doggy Maximus!

Susan W. | Santa Monica, CA

These actually work!

My best friend got these for her two pups and she suggested these to me. I’ve probably tried 8 different types of “calming” treats and no luck yet. She gave me a few to try and THEY ACTUALLY WORKED!!! My pup has really bad anxiety and these made a noticeable difference. Already on my second jar.

Alex V. | Asheville, NC

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