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Vet Formulated


Paw Parent Approved

Fresh Dental Water Additive For

Bacteria + Tartar Control

My dog's teeth were really bad. I would have to brush them every other day. Now with Fresh Dental, her teeth are white and beautiful again. I don't even mind her giving me kisses again. Thank you Felix + Fetch!

- Dawna N.

  • Removes Plaque and Tartar Buildup
  • Freshens Breath
  • Strengthens Gums
  • Save $1,000+ On Veterinarian Cleanings

My dog's teeth were really bad. I would have to brush them every other day. Now with Fresh Dental, her teeth are white and beautiful again. I don't even mind her giving me kisses again. Thank you Felix + Fetch!

- Dawna N.

Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Happy Felix + Fetch Families

"Just finished the first bottle of Fresh Dental! Going to purchase the next one right now. This stuff works well. I haven’t noticed our dog’s breath and his teeth look cleaner too! Thanks Felix + Fetch!!"

Tara G. | Verified Buyer

"I noticed almost immediately how the overwhelming bad odor from my older dogs breath went away. The product does work. Also great communication and customer service. I highly recommend this product. AAA+++"

Juan C. | Verified Buyer

"My dog and cat's dental issues have resolved 95 percent. It is a great product and they dont even know it's in their water dispensers."

Brenda O. | Verified Buyer

Is Your Pet Suffering From
Poor Dental Health &
Bad Breath?
(This Could Have The Biggest Impact On Their Life Expectancy!)

At Felix + Fetch, the health of your pet always comes first. Help defeat the early signs of internal pain for your furry companion below.


Bacteria in your dog's mouth can actually leak into their body through their gums and spread rapidly. This can drastically affect their heart, kidney and liver functions.


Poor gums lead to bad teeth strength. This causes teeth to fall out while causing excruciating painful eating.


Lack of cleaning causes heavy buildup of plaque creating very unpleasant breath and bacteria.

Internal Complications

The bacterial “silent killer” of plaque buildup may leak into the vital organs causing life expectancy to lower dramatically, also causing pain while eating.

Apart from the obvious problems caused by these symptoms, the lack of a healthy mouth also has a negative impact on other facets for
your pet’s health.

  • Low Energy Levels
  • Poor Digestive Health
  • Reduced Life Span

Discover The Vet Formulated Solution That Helps Your Pet Get Healthy Gums, Fresh Breath And A Happier Lifestyle Again!

Psst : Don’t forget about the fresh breath that comes with this
dental formula!

Introducing Felix + Fetch
Fresh Dental Water Formula

Our Fresh Dental Formula helps break down toxic plaque while creating fresh breath for your furry friend. This allows them to have healthy gums and teeth while creating a proper digestive system.

This natural formula does more than just freshen breath. Pets remain active, boosting their energy levels and
overall life span!

Upgrade to Felix + Fetch Today!

The smarter way to invest in your pet’s health

  • Fights


  • Strengthens
    Gums & Teeth


  • All


  • Tasteless


The Key Benefits

Made from all-natural ingredients containing a powerful combination of vitamins that work together that may reduce plaque and poor gums. Designed for all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs!

Eliminates Plaque and
Tartar Build-Up

Targets plaque and tartar especially in places that toothbrushes and conventional methods fail to reach.


Leaves your dog or cat’s breath smelling clean and fresh without any artificial additives.


Helps maintain optimum gum health and enamel maintenance. Enjoy this stress-free cleaning method!

Benefits Beyond
Dental Health


More Playtime & Fun
For Your Pet


Supercharged Energy
Levels & Less Fatigue


More Comfort For Your Pets


Improved Life Span &

That Make An Impact

Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Recommended Dosage
For Best Results

  • For best results, use daily.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental to 8 ounces of drinking water.
  • Using daily results in fresher smelling breath and healthier looking teeth and gums.
  • Safe for Dogs and Cats

Why Choose Felix + Fetch
Fresh Dental Formula

  • All Natural

    Contains a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients which work together to fight plaque buildup on gums and teeth.

  • Flavorless

    Just mix 1 teaspoon of this flavorless formula to their water. They won't notice a thing!

  • Made In USA

    Promoting our products naturally and in the USA was our number one priority. Pet Pawrents can't get enough of this powerful formula!

  • Vet Formulated

    Over 10 different ingredients are jam packed in this flavorless formula and formulated by vets for a clean and healthy mouth.

Real Pets, Real Results

It really works!

Our picky little dog will drink the treated water! A few drops, and done. Her teeth are much whiter, and her nasty looking gums have cleared up!

Joanne S. | Verified Buyer


Our vet couldn't be more pleased with Charlie's gum/teeth health since using this the last 2 months. Unreal product - 5 stars all the way.

Kevin | Verified Buyer

Thank you for saving ME from my cat's breath

My cat had the WORST breath. Even sleeping near me I could smell it. I started using Fresh Dental about 45 days ago. After 2 weeks I noticed his breath was less noticeable and now I don't smell it at all. Truly a life saver (for me!).

Lauren | Verified Buyer


This stuff is great. It really works. I was very skeptical that it would actually work. My dog had a brown spot on his tooth that I could not brush off. After using this for a very short time, that spot is now gone!!

Jill Q. | Verified Buyer

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